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The WormUp HOME makes it easy for you to compost your organic waste in your home, on the balcony or in the office. Thanks to the innovative combination of clay and compost worms, you can convert up to 1.3 kg of waste per week into humus - simply, cleanly and odourlessly.

 *** Kassensturz test winner ***


indoors & outdoors

Dauer bis zur Ernte

6-8 months




1-4 pers.

Compost worms


Your benefits

  • Reduce your waste and save money on disposal costs
  • Recycle your organic waste effectively through composting
  • Gain high-quality, natural fertiliser for healthier plants
  • Reduce your CO2 emissions and store up to 1 tonne of CO2 per year in your composter
  • Join in - for a better world

Good climate thanks to clay

The breathable clay provides a natural habitat for worms.
In addition, excess water can evaporate through the pores in the clay. This prevents leaching and the valuable nutrients are retained in the worm humus. No extra drain or tap is required. You can find out more about this topic in our composting blog.

Nature and cycle

In the cosmos of the HOME composter, your shredded waste goes through all stages of decomposition. Microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi, arthropods and worms form the food web in the composter and are part of this natural process. Watching the transformation of waste and then harvesting the finest crumbly, nutrient-rich humus is a real pleasure. And even more so when the tomatoes on the balcony are bursting with health and fruit afterwards.


Technical data

Masse ⌀ 40 cm, 35 cm
Material Elements: Clay (not frost-proof)
Grid: Steel (galvanised, rustproof)
Feet: Sandstone
Produktion Westerwald (DE)


Standort Indoors
Outdoors: Semi-shady to shady
Kapazität 1-4 persons
Produktion 0.2-1.3 kg waste per week
Produktion Starting population optionally selectable


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Shipping information

Composters and worms are dispatched from separate locations. Therefore 2 packages are necessary. The worms come directly from the worm farm.

1-2 weeks
9.95.- HOME
19.90.- incl. worms
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