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    «Wurmsaft» versus Komposttee

    "Worm juice" versus compost tea

    Worm juice

    The water released from the waste collects in plastic worm composters because it cannot evaporate. In order to drain this seepage water, plastic models usually have a drain. The outflowing water is often also referred to as "worm juice" or "worm water". It contains many valuable nutrients and can therefore be used fresh as a liquid fertilizer. From our experience, however, this "worm juice" can quickly turn anaerobic (low in oxygen) and then begins to stink and ferment.

    Low-oxygen conditions favor organisms, some of which produce substances that are harmful to plants, such as butyric acid or hydrogen sulfide. These substances are responsible for the unpleasant smells.

    The WormUp HOME composter is made of breathable clay, so excess water can evaporate from the waste. The nutrients are thus protected from being washed out and are retained in the worm castings. It does not need a tap because there is no excess water. If you still want nutrient-rich water, for example as a foliar fertilizer, then simply take some mature worm castings and soak it in water for 1-2 hours. This makes the nutrients in the water available. We recommend not storing the compost water, but using it directly and freshly.


    Compost tea

    Have you heard of compost tea ? Compost Tea strengthens plants and revitalizes the soil by propagating and bringing out beneficial microorganisms from the compost with active aeration. They make nutrients bound in the compost and soil available to plants as needed, protect the plant from diseases, are responsible for the build-up of humus and much more. You can use your vermicompost to make your own compost tea.

    Compost tea should not be confused with worm juice, which contains many nutrients but can also contain substances that are harmful to plants.

    You can find more information about compost tea and how to make it at edapro.ch. A very comprehensive and informative site is microbeorganics.com . There are also ready-made compost tea brewing systems to buy, for example from the Swiss startup EDAPRO . The young team has dealt with the topic in depth and offers coordinated components. They will be happy to answer your questions about compost tea.