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Developed in the WormUp atelier in Zurich. Wooden composters & raised beds are produced in Switzerland, ceramic composters in Westerwald, Germany.
Wurmkomposter aus Keramik

Natural materials

We are guided by the principle of "Reduce, Refuse, Reuse, Re-cycle, Repair, Rethink" in all our decisions. As a result, we naturally focus on longevity and a simple return to natural cycles at the end of the product's life cycle when it comes to packaging, communication materials and, of course, product design.

Social and local production

Production facilities with good conditions and without dumping wages are important to us. Our SCALE garden composters and raised beds are manufactured in the sheltered workshop Landheim Brüttisellen. Our ceramic composters come from the Westerwald clay region in Germany.

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Clay products for garden, balcony and household

Composting, watering, encouraging insects