worm composter

Three models for indoors and outdoors. Perfect for your home, balcony or garden. Start composting your organic waste now in an odourless and environmentally friendly way.

Turning waste into soil

Nature shows us how it's done - dead plant material is broken down by a variety of soil organisms, converted into humus and serves as food for plants again. With worm composting, you can bring nature into your home. Where there is enough air, there is no odour. Unlike in the organic waste bin, where low-oxygen conditions promote fermentation and decay, compost worms tirelessly dig up your waste and ensure good aeration in your composter. Under these conditions, the beneficial microbes also feel at home and it smells pleasantly earthy - just like in the forest when the leaves fall to the ground and turn into fragrant humus.

Duration until harvest

You can normally expect the first harvest from your worm composter after around six to eight months, after which you should be able to harvest every two to three months. However, this period can vary depending on the conditions. The number of worms, the type and amount of organic material added, as well as temperature and humidity are all factors that influence the composting process. In a well-established system, worms efficiently convert organic waste into nutrient-rich compost, which can then be used to improve soil quality and for plants.

Frequently asked questions about worm composters

How does vermicomposting work?

Worm composting is a process in which worms convert organic waste into nutrient-rich compost. Worms eat kitchen and garden waste, excreting a rich, earthy material that serves as an excellent fertiliser for plants.

How long does worm composting take?

It takes around six to eight months until the first harvest of mature worm compost, after which you should be able to harvest every two to three months. The duration of worm composting varies depending on the temperature, humidity and the amount and type of food.

Which composter is suitable for me?

Choose your WormUp composter based on your needs and location: The HOME is suitable for 1-4 people indoors or on balconies and processes up to 1.3 kg of waste per week. The SCALE is ideal for gardens and larger groups. The TUBE is perfect for raised beds. All models offer efficient, odour-free composting from natural materials.

How do I get the worms out of the mature compost?

Worms prefer fresh food and usually leave ripe compost, which is therefore simple to harvest. The chamber systems in our home and garden composters make harvesting easier. If you still find worms in the mature humus, simply put them back in the composter. You can find specific harvesting instructions for each product on our instructions page.

What can I put in the composter?

Kitchen waste such as fruit and vegetable scraps, coffee grounds, tea bags, eggshells and finely chopped garden waste can be added to your composter. Avoid meat, fish, dairy products and oily foods. You can find a detailed list of suitable compost materials on our food list, which will help you to optimise the composting process, or keep track with our poster.

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