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Questions about accessories

Can I replace every part of my composter?

All individual parts can be reordered either from our shop (CH) or by e-mail (EU area). If you order by e-mail, please send us your billing and delivery address and the exact part you require.

Does it make sense to add more clay rings to my HOME?

In principle, one more ring on the HOME is not a problem. However, you cannot compost more waste with additional rings. Worm composting is area composting; the amount of compost depends on the area on which you can spread the waste thinly. Avoid layers of waste that are too thick to prevent heat.

Why are minerals important for composting?

Minerals, especially clay minerals from grown soil, are essential for the worm composting process as they promote the formation of clay-humus complexes and thus improve the structure and quality of the finished compost. In addition to clay minerals, our Mineral Mix also contains other important minerals that contribute to the effectiveness of the composting process.

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