WormUp Association

In addition to WormUp GmbH, there is also the WormUp association. With the not-for-profit association, we make a further contribution against global warming and for a sensitized society with regard to food waste and organic waste. Through charitable projects, we are committed to raising awareness and research in the field of vermicomposting. They are funded by foundations, are characterized by their participatory character and take place in cooperation with project partners.


  • Learning Site Vermicompost (since 2022)

    The participants experience what it means to close a cycle and actively participate in it in an action-orientated way and with all their senses.

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  • Agricultural manure composting with worms (since 2021)

    Development of a low-threshold worm composting process, adapted to the requirements and needs of agriculture.

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  • Minimizing nutrient losses in composting cattle manure (2019-2020)

    Research into the basics of composting cattle manure with worms to improve quality and protect water.


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