Insect hotel

Promote biodiversity and protect beneficial insects - insect hotel with clay insect & bird bath.

How does an insect hotel work?

Insect hotels provide shelter and nesting opportunities for various insect species. Our insect hotel is made of natural clay, which contains numerous holes. These serve primarily as breeding grounds and winter quarters for wild bees, ladybirds and butterflies. Fill the insect hotel with a variety of materials to attract different species and thus support biodiversity. By encouraging pollinator populations, insect hotels contribute significantly to the health of plants and gardens. They provide necessary habitats for insects, whose natural habitats are becoming increasingly scarce, and thus make an important contribution to environmental protection.

Sunny, sheltered and rich in flowers: the ideal location for an insect hotel

The ideal location for an insect hotel is crucial to its success. Place it in a sunny location protected from wind and rain. A southern orientation provides the necessary warmth. Close proximity to flowering plants, herbs and shrubs is ideal, as they provide the insects with food and attract them. Careful selection of the location supports natural pollination and promotes a healthy ecosystem in your garden.

Frequently asked questions about insect hotels

Which insect species does an insect hotel attract?

Insect hotels are attractive nesting and hibernation sites for a variety of insect species. They primarily attract wild bees, ladybirds, butterflies, lacewings and earwigs. These structures provide ideal conditions for laying eggs and protection from predators. Solitary bees in particular, which are among the most efficient pollinators, find ideal nesting sites. Ladybirds and earwigs, which feed on pests such as aphids, also like to use the shelter.

How is an insect hotel properly maintained?

Proper maintenance of an insect hotel is crucial to its longevity and effectiveness. Regular inspections are important to ensure that the hotel remains free from mould and parasites. Avoid the use of chemical cleaning agents as these can harm the insects. A dry, weather-protected location helps to prevent moisture damage. In addition, the hotel should not be moved once it has residents so as not to confuse the insects looking for orientation.

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