About us

The idea of worm composting took hold of us on a balcony in the centre of the city in 2017 and has stayed with us ever since. The simplicity and ingenuity of this method, combined with the potential to solve one of the biggest waste problems, is what drives us to bring this solution to the world.

Our history

  • 2014

    Foundation of the WormUp association

    Four friends have an idea: to promote the circular economy with the help of worm composting.
  • Ab 2014

    WormUp in the media

    The media become aware of our approach and report on our idea, including SRF Einstein and Kassensturz.
  • 2016


    Successful crowdfunding campaign on wemakeit. Pre-order for more than 200 composters.
  • 2017

    Foundation WormUp GmbH

    The aim is to offer sustainably produced worm composters along the entire value chain.
  • 2018


    Expansion of the product range: clay compost tubes for garden and raised beds (TUBE) and garden and community composters made of larch wood (SCALE).
  • 2019


    Winner with WormUp HOME 1, the highest state award for ecological design in Germany.
  • 2019-2022

    Process development for commercial vermicomposting

    Production of Oecoplan worm compost for COOP Bau&Hobby/Jumbo in cooperation with the CoopFond for Sustainability.
  • Ab 2021

    School project

    The 'Learning Site Worm Compost' project brings the cycle to life in schools.
  • 2023

    Crowdfunding HOME 2

    Successful crowdfunding campaign on wemakeit.further development of the HOME 1 composter. Pre-order for more than 300 composters.
  • 2024


    Expansion of the product range with OYEAS ceramic irrigation and the INSECT CITY insect hotel.
  • Impact

    20'000 T CO2EQ

    have been saved since WormUp was founded. You can find more information below.
  • Our Team

    • Jenifer

      Communication & Consultancy
    • Erich

      Product development
    • Nikolai

    • Lorenz

      Research, IT

    From linear to circular

    Working together to replace the linear economy with a circular society that is fair to all generations. By composting at home, you can make an important contribution to achieving this vision.

    • >9'000 pcs.

      worm composters have been in use since 2016.

    • 1'380’000 kg

      organic waste was saved from the rubbish bag

    • 5’990 tkm

      fewer transport kilometres in Switzerland

    • 61,000 kg CO2e

      saved through compost substitution

    • 30'921 kg

      less food waste