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Raised bed H2

Raised bed H2

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The raised bed for the garden, the sunny backyard or the urban space. 100% Swiss production, 0% plastic.

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Ökohum substrate


For endless fantastic garden years

Three reasons to choose a raised bed from WormUp: We rely on 100% Swiss production with untreated, local larch wood. Our raised beds are completely plastic-free. Your soil and the ground remain free of microplastics and other pollutants. We guarantee a long service life thanks to our plug-in principle. Wooden parts can be easily replaced individually. This combination is unique. Our raised beds are high quality and ideal for the garden, sunny backyard or urban space. They provide excellent conditions for growing vegetables or plants with reduced snail pressure and back-friendly gardening.

Longevity thanks to a clever system

The boards made of native larch wood are not screwed together. This makes the raised bed very durable. If individual timbers rot after 5-10 years, they can simply be replaced individually. Timbers can be reordered from us - or any timber cut to size can be used. We recommend untreated Swiss wood.

Order substrate at the same time

So you can get started right away, you have the option to have the soil filling delivered to your home along with the raised bed. The "Dach- und Trogerde" soil ensures stability and water retention. The "Naschgarten" soil in the upper area promotes strong plant growth.


Technical data

Masse 240 cm x 70 cm x 60 cm
870 litres
Material Swiss larch wood
Produktion Social institution Landheim Brüttisellen (CH)


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Free shipping! Convenient delivery as a kit to your home. Delivery is free kerbside. For an additional charge, you can request help with unloading.

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