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OYEAS XL irrigation ceramic including insect & bird bath

OYEAS XL irrigation ceramic including insect & bird bath

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Large irrigation ceramic with 10-liter capacity including bird and insect bath.


Ollas - in Spanish "pots" - are clay vessels used, among other things, for watering plants.

The Oyeas XL is ideal for your raised bed or garden. It releases moisture slowly and naturally. This way, you save time and unnecessary water. The lid serves as an insect and bird bath. Thanks to the generous volume of 10 liters, you save yourself frequent refilling.

We are excited about the principle of the Ollas and proud to have developed our own Ollas.


Technical data

Masse Ø 24 cm, 32 cm
Material Clay (not frost-proof)
Produktion Westerwald (DE)


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EU other: 25€
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