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Mineral Mix

Mineral Mix

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Our mineral mix promotes the decomposition process of your organic waste in the worm composter, improves the balance during composting, and the quality of the finished compost. In addition, the mineral mix can be used for irregularities or problems with worm composting. Due to the specific composition of the components, it is versatile and thus replaces many individual products. Can also be applied in the bed or garden composter!



    We have lovingly blended the Mineral Mix from five high-quality additives that fulfil various functions in your composter. The ingredients support the balance in the composter, stimulate microbial activity, nutrients are stored and protected from leaching and they prevent plant diseases. You can also add trace elements to your compost and favour the formation of valuable clay-humus complexes. All in all, the mixture helps to get the best out of your worm compost and optimise the worms in the ecosystem.

    Application WormUp HOME

    Spread 1.5 dl Mineral Mix evenly over your fresh green waste in the composter every 1-2 weeks. Lasts ±6 months.

    Further applications

    • Potted plants: Add 0.5 litres per 10 litres of substrate.
    • Vegetable bed: work in 0.1-0.4 litres per square metre.
    • Garden compost: mix in ±5 % by volume as a compost additive.

    Find out more about the Mineral Mix here.


    Technical data

    Masse 25 cm x 21 cm x 12 cm
    Material Clay minerals
    Algae lime
    Diabase rock dust
    Humic acids
    Produktion Bottrop (DE)


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    • Own recipe

      Our own specially developed mix of five selected, high-quality components has been meticulously coordinated by us.

    • Strengthen your compost

      The mineral mix introduces important trace elements into the compost and promotes the formation of valuable clay-humus complexes.

    • Binds odours

      Worm composting doesn't smell! However, individual wastes can produce mild inherent odors, which are neutralized by the mineral mix.