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    Mineral Mix – Der Kompost- & Bodenverbesserer

    Mineral Mix - The compost & soil improver

    The Mineral Mix from WormUp enhances the decomposition process in your worm composter and improves the quality of the finished compost. Our specially developed mix of five selected, high-quality components (algae lime, clay minerals, diabase rock dust, humic acids, and biochar) has been meticulously balanced. The Mineral Mix is characterized by its specific selection of components and is versatile in application.

    Composting in our worm composters does not fundamentally require the addition of these minerals for the process to work. However, the mix offers several advantages that speed up and simplify the decomposition process. The Mineral Mix is particularly valuable when things in the composter are not running smoothly.

    Some kitchen wastes, especially fruit or a lot of coffee grounds, lead to a gradual acidification of the compost and can throw it off balance. The Mineral Mix counteracts this and ensures an optimal pH level in your composter. At the same time, the Mineral Mix provides trace elements that encourage the worms to reproduce. These elements are often not present in sufficient quantities in kitchen waste. Your plants also benefit from the trace elements, resulting in healthier and more productive plants.

    Tip: The Mineral Mix can be helpful not only for composting in our worm composters but also for soil improvement for indoor plants, on balconies, or in gardens. It is also perfectly suitable as a compost additive for garden compost.

    Advantages of the Mineral Mix

    • Supports balance in the composter
    • Binds potential inherent odors, e.g., onion
    • Promotes microbial activity
    • Introduces important trace elements to the compost
    • Encourages the formation of important clay-humus complexes
    • Stores nutrients and protects them from leaching
    • Improves the quality of the mature humus
    • Prevents plant diseases, e.g., tomato end rot

    Anwendung von Mineral Mix


    Application of Mineral Mix for the WormUp HOME:

    • Spread 1.5 dl of Mineral Mix evenly over your fresh green waste in the composter every 1-2 weeks. This creates a kind of protective layer, which also helps against fruit flies. Depending on the application, your Mineral Mix should last about 6 months.

    Other application recommendations:

    • For potted plants: Mix 0.5 liters per 10 liters of substrate.
    • For vegetable beds: Spread 0.1 – 0.4 liters per m² evenly on the soil and incorporate roughly.
    • For garden compost: Mix in ± 5 vol.% as a compost additive.

    Tip: For good composting, waste should also be finely chopped in the garden composter. Mix the chopped material with the Mineral Mix and add it to the compost. Also, always ensure sufficient moisture when composting!


    Mineral Mix besteht aus fünf zutaten

    The five ingredients of the Mineral Mix 

    • Clay Minerals: Contribute to the formation of valuable clay-humus complexes, thus improving the structure of the compost. Clay-rich compost enhances water retention. Nutrients are bound to the surface of clay particles and are thus available to plants when needed.

    • Algae Lime: Contains many important trace elements for both worms and plants. Lime counteracts the acidification of the compost and balances the pH level in the compost.

    • Diabase Rock Dust: Also contains many important trace elements and raises the pH level in the compost. It promotes microbial and worm activity, thereby accelerating the decomposition of waste. Due to its high silicate content, rock dust acts as a preventive plant protection. Unpleasant odors are bound by rock dust.

    • Humic Acids: The high carbon content of humic acids promotes microbial activity and thus the decomposition process, accelerating humus formation.

    • Biochar: Due to its large surface area, biochar has the ability to store water and nutrients. The large pore volume also serves as a habitat for many beneficial microorganisms.