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ON CALL Compost worms starting population

ON CALL Compost worms starting population

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The compost worm is an expert at converting organic waste into organic fertiliser. Our compost worms thrive in confined spaces, are voracious and love kitchen waste. The best thing: Thanks to the worms, the composting process is odourless, clean and simple.Around 400-500 compost worms (reference 250g biomass) in all stages of development - from cocoon to adult worm - are the ideal starting population for a WormUp HOME and the WormUp TUBE. We deliver the compost worms in an air-permeable bag filled with soil.

The magic of compost worms

The compost worm composts and loosens the soil. In the process, it eats large quantities of plant material and excretes worm humus, which contains valuable nutrients and microorganisms. The earthworms love vegetable kitchen waste, garden waste, cardboard, coffee grounds and tea grounds. Worm humus helps garden or house plants to grow healthily. In principle, however, they are also useful in all other areas where dead plants are to be converted into fertiliser - for example in raised beds or garden beds.they like to live close to each other and are real gluttons. The little helper is most industrious at temperatures of 18 to 24 °C. Their metabolism slows down at cooler temperatures.

Odourless mini eco system

Compost worms do not work alone, but in a team with an entire food web. The microorganisms (bacteria and fungi) make the start: they break down the organic material and produce a slurry. It is easiest for the micro-organisms if the waste is nicely shredded. The compost worms then suck up this slurry et voilà - it doesn't stink!


Technical data

Material Eisenia fetida
Dendrobena veneta
supplied in compost substrate
Produktion Zeneggen (CH)


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Shipping information

The compost worms are delivered in an air-permeable bag filled with soil. To keep the animals travelling as short as possible, we work with selected local worm farmers in each country. In Switzerland, the WormUp worm farm is located in Valais.

1-2 weeks
10 CHF
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  • Vielfältiger Einsatz

    The active compost worms are suitable for gardens, raised beds, compost, worm bins, worm composters and rapid composters.

  • Fertile soil for lawns, flower beds and houseplants

    Our compost worms reproduce very quickly, making them the perfect compost starter population. They produce worm humus odourlessly, naturally and effectively!

  • Fast and safe shipping thanks to local breeding

    We work with local suppliers wherever possible.