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    OYEAS – Die Keramikbewässerung

    OYEAS - The ceramic irrigation system

    Ollas, Spanish for "pots," are clay vessels used, among other applications, for plant watering. This simple principle has been utilized for thousands of years: When the soil around the watering pot is dry, it draws water through the clay vessel's walls into the soil, thereby hydrating the roots. If the soil is wet from rain or hasn't dried out, the tension is missing, and the water is not drawn through the wall of the Olla.

    Advantages of Irrigation Ceramics:

    • Autonomous watering system
    • Saves water (>50%)
    • Increases biomass & yields higher crops
    • Reduces leaching
    • Reduces weeds
    • Promotes deeper root formation
    • 100% natural materials, 0% plastic
    • Maintenance-free

    We are convinced of the Ollas principle and proud to have developed our own Ollas – the OYEAS. Thanks to years of experience in industrial ceramic production, we've learned what's crucial.

    The clay's properties are precisely adjusted so that exactly the right amount of water is released to the soil and plants – not too much, but also not too little, ensuring that even thirsty plants receive sufficient water at their roots. The large volume of the OYEAS, with a 13-liter capacity, significantly reduces the refilling effort.

    As an additional feature, the OYEAS lid serves as a bird and insect bath. Fill the lid with water to guarantee fun bathing for birds. For an insect bath, we recommend placing stones, branches, and moss in the water.

    In addition to the OYEAS ceramic irrigation with a 13-liter capacity, we have also developed another watering solution for indoor plants and balcony boxes. With a 700 ml capacity, it's ideal for indoor and balcony plants.