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Starter pack at a special price!

The compost tube for your raised or garden bed. With the TUBE, you compost in exactly the right place: In the centre of your plants.


The starter pack contains the following products:

  • WormUp TUBE
  • Compost worm starting population
  • Mineral Mix
  • Poster "Diet of a worm family"



Dauer bis zur Ernte

6-12 months


Clay (frost-proof)


1-2 Pers.


WormUp TUBE - Your own fertiliser factory

Composting with the TUBE is simple and practical. The TUBE is buried directly in the raised bed, where the compost worms turn green waste into wonderful organic fertiliser with no odour. Your plants are continuously strengthened by the fresh fertiliser and are more resistant to pests. clay as a natural material is environmentally friendly, durable and frost-proof.


It is best to plant high-yielding plants such as tomatoes or courgettes near the TUBE. The roots grow towards the holes and get their nutrients. In addition, the worms distribute the fertiliser in a radius of ±50 cm around the clay tube. You can also take the finished worm compost out of the TUBE and spread it around other plants.

Nature and the cycle

In the cosmos of the TUBE, your shredded waste goes through all the stages of decomposition. Microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi, arthropods and worms form the food web in the composter and are part of this natural process. Watching the transformation of waste and then harvesting the finest crumbly, nutrient-rich humus is a real pleasure. And even more so when the tomatoes on the balcony are bursting with health and fruit afterwards.


Technical data

Masse ⌀ 24 cm x 32 cm
Material Clay (frost-proof)
Produktion Westerwald (DE)


Standort Raised bed, garden bed
Kapazität 1-2 persons
Produktion 0.3-0.5 kg waste per week
Produktion Starting population optionally selectable


Shipping information

Delivery in 2 packages (TUBE and starter population). In Switzerland, the worms come directly from our worm farm in Valais. In other countries we work with local breeders on site.

1-2 weeks
CH: 9.95CHF
DE/AT: 9.95€
EU other: 25€
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