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Poster – Diet of a worm family

Poster – Diet of a worm family

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Not only beautiful to look at, but also provides a very pragmatic overview of what is allowed in the worm composter.

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Poster – Diet of a worm family

It's been a few years since your biology lessons, or you're just not quite sure what all compostable waste actually is? the "Diet of a worm family" poster is not only beautiful to look at, but also provides a very pragmatic overview of what can go in the worm composter. It includes food and green waste that frequently accumulates in the household.

Unique and lovingly designed

Each individual motif has been lovingly hand-carved in linoleum and then printed using non-toxic colours. The poster can be hung directly in the kitchen or anywhere else in the house and is not only a good guide to worm composting, but also simply a beautiful decoration on the walls.poster by Laura Jurt for WormUp.

Printed right on the doorstep

If required, we can have the posters printed in our neighbourhood and collect them on foot - so we can avoid motorised transport.


Technical data

Masse 46 cm, 64 cm
Material Recycled paper
Mineral oil-free organic printing inks
Produktion Zurich (CH)


Shipping information

1-2 weeks
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  • Solid paper

    The sturdy paper prolongs your enjoyment of the guide and decorative object

  • Unique

    The poster was created in collaboration with Laura Jurt, who made the beautiful drawings

  • Printed right outside the office door

    We have our posters printed in the neighbourhood around our office